10th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CARDIOLOGY AND DIABETES (10th ICCD), Kosice, Slovakia, June 1-3 (Friday-Sunday),2018,www.iccsk.com, www.icckosice2018.com

Main Theme: Holistic approach to CVDs and diabetes.
Recent studies indicate a decline in CVDs in developed countries but emergence of obesity and diabetes which have become a threat to the prevention of heart disease. If this continues, there would be a surge in CVDs again in near future. The World Heart Federation proposed the heart of 25 by 25 initiative, forachieving the goal of reducing global and regional premature deaths from CVDs, which is published as a modeling study. Similar views were highlighted in the United Nations High Level Meeting  in 2011 in which key targets were proposed to reduce the risk of premature death due to CVDs and other chronic diseases by 25% by 2025. International College of Cardiology 2013-14,Sofia Declaration, proposed that these target are not possible unless a holistic approach to prevention of CVDs is followed in all countries of the world. This proposal requires that CVDs and its risk factors, particularly new risk factors, be aggressively addressed because it is currently the largest contributor to global mortality, accounting for nearly half of the 36 million annual deaths. It has been estimated to indicate how reduction of selected risk factors would affect CVD mortality for different regions in 188 countries up to the year of 2025 by the Global Burden of Disease study but it would be difficult without a holistic approach to health education for prevention of CVDs and diabetes which would be highlighted in the 10th ICCD in Slovakia, a beautiful small country of central Europe.



Org Committee, 10thICCD,                            
DrJan Fedacko,President, DrViliamMojto,DrLudovitGaspar,Dr Anna Gvozdjakova
Dr Daniel Pella:Patron
Advisory Committee of the International College of Cardiology(ICC)                                                                                           DrGalalNagibElkilany (UAE), President (2018-19), International College of Cardiology                                                                                                                              

Dr Hilton Chaves,(Brazil), President (2016-17), International College of Cardiology (ICC).                                                 

Dr Daniel Pella,(Slovakia) Executive Director, ICC                                                                                                               

Dr KrasimiraHristova,(Bulgaria), Secretary General, ICC                                                                            

Dr RB Singh (India), International Coordinator,ICC  

Diabetes and Vascular disease Symposium,                 Chairmen: Dr Brian Tomlinson (Hong Kong), DrJaipaul Singh(UK)
World Hypertension League Symposium.                                                                                               Chaiman: DrKrasmiraHristova (Bulgaria), Dr Hilton Chaves (Brazil), Dr Dragan Lovic (Serbia),Dr . Xin -Hua Zhang , Secretary of WHL (China), DrMarcelo Orias,(Argentina)
Dr. Daniel Lackland President of WHL  (USA),Dr. Bader Almustafa, Middle East region. 
Dr. Anthony Heagerty (UK)

Echocardiography in Acute Coronary Syndrome and heart failure.                                                                                                  Chairmen: DrGalalElkilany(UAE), Jan Fedacko (Slovakia)
Basic cardiovascular sciences in CVDs and diabetes.Chairmen: Dr P K Singal (Canada), DrDevendra Agarwal (USA)
Cosmological and Chronobiological Aspects of CVD and Diabetes. Chairpersons: Dr Germaine Cornelissen (USA), DrNarsinghVerma (India)
Holistic Approach to Heart Health with Molecular Mechanisms in the heart and the brain. Chairmen: Dr RB Singh (India),DrBrainislavMelovanovic (Serbia),Dr Junjie Xiao (China)

Dr Halberg Memorial Lecture
DrNavin Nanda Felicitation Lecture
Dr NS Dhalla  Felicitation Lecture
For senior investigators above 50 years.
Dr Franz Halberg Memorial Oration.
Dr NS Dhalla Felicitation Oration
Travel Grant-Young Investigator Awards for best abstracts, (US$500.00). Candidates submitting abstracts for this award will have to register in advance by paying Euro.300.00 along with the abstract (Fee is non-refundable). Travel grant and free registration would be provided to experts below 35 years submitting best abstract to be decided by the organizing committee.
Dr. Ahmad Elkamali , UAE Dubai Hospital
consultant pediatric cardiologist
Dr, Hesham Abu ElEnin , Egypt
haenein" haenein@yahoo.com
Professor of cardiology and deputy President of Benha University
Dr. SamehShahin , Egypt
Professor of cardiology-Ainshamsuniverity  and President of Egyptian
society of cardiology .
Dr. Marco Piciche , Italy
consultant cardiac surgeon , Italy
Dr.FabiolaSozzi , Italy
consultant cardiologist Milan Polyclinico
V. Professor Milan University
Dr.MaiElnaggar , Egypt
consultant endocrinologist
"Maielnaggar203" <Maielnaggar203@gmail.com>,

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