9th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CARDIOLOGY AND DIABETES (9th ICCD), Dubai, UAE,  April 7-9, 2017( http://iccd-dubai.com/),www.iccsk.com
Venue: Grand Hyatt Hotel 5+ stars over Dubai Creek 
Main Theme: SCD, Cardiomyopathy and Vascular diseases in Diabetes.
Sudden Cardiac Death(SCD) includes an acute precipitating trigger that lies in the brain and a chronic electrical instability of the myocardium. Majority of the SCDs in absolute terms, occur in subjects with no known pre-existing, heart disease. It is possible that the incidence of SCD is about 20% per year in patients with heart failure and those with markers of arrhythmias, compared with about 1-2% in general population, who are subjects with no “known” pre-existing heart disease. The absolute numbers of SCD are significantly much higher about 325,000 per in year in the general population, compared with only 20,000 in patients with heart failure and arrhythmia markers. It is clear that the exact pathogenesis and causes of SCDs are unknown.


DrGalalNajibElkilany, President, 9th ICCD,           galal.elkilany@gmail.comProf. AbullahShehab, Co Chairman of the 9th ICCD congress 
Dr.Abdulla AlShaibani Honorary President and Guest ofHonor of 9th ICCD  
Prof. Navin C Nanda [President of ISCU] , USA,International President of the Congress and
Organiser: -DrNihal representative of ICOM company [International company
 responsible for organization of the event]
Members of Planning Committee
1-Professor Mohd. Ibrahim, Chairman Cardiology Department, Kuwait Hospital.mibrahim_57@yahoo.com>,

2-Prof. FadelAlazawy , chairman of cardiology department at KhalifaHospital [Presedential Hospital]fadilalazawi@yahoo.com>,
3-Prof.Mohamed Fathi , senior specialist in my center [Gulf Medical University]mfathi2002@yahoo.com
4-Prof. Osama Mahdy [chairman of cardiology department at Sharjah,ousamamahdi@yahoo.com
university hospital and
5.Prof. Abdulla Shehab, President of Emirates, Cadiology Board, UAE, Cardiac Society. <a.shehab@uaeu.ac.ae>
Consultant Cardiologist at Gulf Medical College Hospital & ResearchCenter  GMU , UAE
Advisory Committee
Dr Hilton Chaves,(Brazil), President, International College of Cardiology(ICC).                                                  Dr Daniel Pella,(Slovakia) Executive Director, ICC                                                                                                                               DrKrasimiraHristova,(Bulgaria), Secretary General, ICC                                                                             Dr Jan Fedacko (Slovakia) Joint Secretary, ICC  (Planner,10th ICCD)Dr Germaine Cornelissen (USA),Member of Board, ICCDr RB Singh (India), Founder, President,ICC   DrAnujMaheshwari, Joint secretary,ICC (Planner 10th ICCD)

Epidemiology and basic cardiovascular sciences in CVDs and diabetes.
Cosmological and Chronobiological Aspects of Sudden Cardiac Death
Molecular Mechanisms in the heart and the brain.
Risk Factors;Heart failure, Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary artery Disease, Psychosocial Stress,
Echocardiographic Predictors
Electrocardiographic Predictors
Nutritional Predictors
Electrophysiological Mechanisms and Electrical Methods in the Management of SCDs.
Dr Halberg Memorial Lecture
DrNavin Nanda Felicitation Lecture
Dr NS Dhalla  Felicitation Lecture
Young Investigator Awards for best abstracts, three in number (US$500.00). Candidates submitting abstracts for this award will have to register in advance by paying US$300.00 along with the abstract.
Dr Franz Halberg Memorial Oration by(Proposed)DrBanshiSaboo,MD,MNAMS
Dr NS Dhalla Felicitation Oration by (Proposed)Dr PK Singal, PhD, FICC (Canada)

Faculty 9th ICCD,
Faculty, Directors of ICC
Dr Hilton Chaves,MD,PhD, FICC, (Brazil), President 2016-2017
Dr Daniel Pella,MD,PhD,FICC, (Slovakia), Executive Director
Dr Ram B Singh,MD,FICC (India), Founder President
DrBanshiSaboo,MD,FRCP,FICC (India) 0rganiser,10th ICCD 2019,
DrKrasimiraHristova,MD, PhD, FICC (Bulgaria),Secretary General,ICC                                          2016-2019,
Faculty, International Experts (proposed)
1.DrBranislavMilovanovic, MD, PhD (Serbia)<branislav_milovanovic@vektor.net>
2. Dr Jan Fedacko,MD,FICC (Slovakia), janfedacko@hotmail.com
3.Dr C V.Cavalcanti, MD, PhD, <cv.cavalcanti@uol.com.br>
4.Dr NarsinghVerma,MD,PhD, FICN,(India)NarsinghVerma<narsinghverma@gmail.com>
5.Dr AdarshKumar,MD,FICC (India),Former President ICC 2011-2013, adarsh_27@yahoo.com
6.Dr Germaine Cornelissen, PhD, FICC (USA), corne001@umn.edu
7.Dr Agrawal Devendra (USA) ,devendraAgarwal@creighton.edu
8.Dr  Hesham Abo Elenein, (Egypt),haenein@yahoo.com
9.Dr ĽudovítGašpar (Slovakia), ludovitgaspar@gmail.com
10.Dr AnujMaheshwari (India),dranujm@gmail.com, 
11.Dr BanshiSaboo (India),banshisaboo98@gmail.com, 
12.Dr NS Dhalla, nsdhalla@sbrc.ca (Needs official invitation urgently)
13.Dr Brain Tomlinson,MD,PhD, FICC (Hong kong)
14. Dr Sergey Shastun, MD, PhD, FICC (Russia),sshastun@mail.ru
15. DrJaipaul Singh, PhD,DSc (Preston,UK), jsingh3@uclan.ac.uk
16. Dr Daniel T Lackland,MD,PhD, (USA)lackland@musc.edu
17. Dr. Junji Xiao, MD,PhD (China) .
18. Marcelo Orias, MD,PhD (Argentina) <marcelo.orias@gmail.com>
19.Dr Vito Maurizio Parato (Italy),
20.Dr KuniakiOtsuka,MD,FICC (Japan),"Otsuka, Kuniaki" <otsukagm@dnh.twmu.ac.jp>
21.DrTakashi NAKAOKA (Japan)<tnakaoka@ntb.pial.jp>
22.Dr Dario Rahelic (Crotia)dario.rahelic@gmail.com
23.Dr Akhilendravarma<varmaan@rediffmail.com>
24. DrArunpornItharat PhD, Thailand,<iarunporn@gmail.com>
25.Dr  SamehShaheen Egypt <samehshaheen@gmail.com> President, Egyp. Soc. Cardiol
26.Dr Marcello Giovannini (Italy), Marcello.giovannini@unimi.it
27.Dr Hideki Mori,MD ,FICC (Japan)Hideki Mori <mhcardio@kss.biglobe.ne.jp>
Prof. Daniel Lackland President of WHL ,  lackland@musc.edu

Prof . Xin -Hua Zhang , Secretary of WHL zhang_xh@hotmail.com.au

Dr . Bader Almustafa, member of Board of Directors of WHL , Middle East region. bader.almustafa@gmail.com

 Prof. Heagerty ,tony.heagerty@manchester.ac.uk

DrShamilTazhebayev (Kazhakhstan), stazhibayev@kan-kaz.org, DrCheol Ho Kim, MD, PhD (Korea), cheolkim55@gmai.comDr. Samir Samman (Australia), "samir.samman@sydney.edu.au" samir.samman@sydney.edu.au
Dr PK Singal,PhD,(Canada), Institute of cardiovascular Sciences, Winnipeg, Canada.
Dr Fabiola Sozzi" Italy,<fabiola_sozzi@yahoo.it
Shelby Kutty<shelby.kutty@gmail.com>
Dr Yuji Matsuzawa, MD, PhD (Japan)Dr DW Wilson, DSc, FICC (UK)
Dr Ivo Petrov, MD, (President, BSC)
Dr R Paoletti, MD,FICC (Italy)
Dr Jean-Claude Coubard, MD,PhD (Canada)
Dr Chapman (France)MD
Dr. Tony Heagerty from Manchester, U.K

International College of Cardiology
World Heart Journal, NY, USA
World Hypertension League






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