1st International Congress on Atherosclerosis, Hypertension and Coronary artery Disease (1 st ICCD) was organized at New Delhi, India in 1999,
2nd ICCD at Kosice in Slovakia in 2002 by Dr Daniel Pella &Rafae Rybar
3rd ICCD at Taipei, in Taiwan by Dr CW Kong and Dr Sy.
4th ICCD at Mumbai, India in 2005, by Dr SB Gupta
5th ICCD at Kosice, Slovakia.2007 by Dr Daniel Pella & Dr Jan Fedacko www.icckosice2009.com/  
6th ICCD was  organized at New Delhi by Dr RB Singh/ Dr Adarsh Kumar on Sept 12-14,2011,   www.iccsk.org,
7th ICCD, Sofia, Bulgaria, Oct 24-26, 2013, Dr Krasimira Hristova, www.iccsk.com
8th ICCD, Recife, Brazil, Aug 13-15,2015,  Dr Hilton Chaves, www.iccsk.com,
9th ICCD, Dubai,April 7-9,2017, Dr Galal Elkilany, Contact: galal.elkilany@gmail.com, www.iccd.dubai.com
10th ICCD, Slovakia, March  15-17,2020, Dr Jan Fedacko, MD, PhD, janfedacko@hotmail.com
11th ICCD, Alaxandria, Egypt, Oct 21-23,2022, Dr Galal Elkilany, galal.elkilany@gmail.com,
We have mostly first day reception in the evening on cocktail with or without dinner, then 2 days meetings including plenary lectures-4,Symposia lectures 10-15,oral and poster presentations from the registrants. We expect about 500 delegates including about 300-400 registrants. The registration fee may be US$250-350 depending upon the place of meeting. Those who organize the  congress are elected as president for the next years, and our meetings are organized every one- two years. The liabilities are: To invite president, executive director, secretary general and founder president of ICC and next organiser, as well as 1-2 more experts from North America and Western Europe as guest speakers providing them travel expenses, hotel room and meals by the congress. We also provide free hotel and registration to another 20-25 experts who supported our earlier conferences in various countries. Arrangement of funds for expenses of the congress is done by having trade exhibition and publication of abstract book in which adds of drug companies are published to raise funds. Savings from ICCD would be shared by the ICC, Slovakia but if there is a loss from the ICCD, it would be the responsibility of the organiser. Audited statement of accounts should be submitted to Executive Director of ICC-Slovakia after the congress.


The 1 st International Congress on Atherosclerosis, Hypertension and Coronary Artery Disease (1 st ICCD) was organized at New Delhi, India in 1999, the 2nd ICCD at Kosice in Slovakia in 2002 and the 3 rd ICCD at Taipae, in Taiwan, 2004 and the 4 th ICCD at Mumbai, India,2007 by Dr SB Gupta and the 5 th ICCD at Kosice, Slovakia. The 6 th ICCD was to be organized by Prof Feher Janos at Budapest 2011, but unfortunately he died a sudden cardiac death on May 28, 2010. Previous congress; www.icckosice2009.com/ , 6th ICCD was organised at New Delhi on Sept 12-14,2011 www.iccsk.org, 7th ICCD was organised by Dr Krasimira Hristova, Sofia, Bulgaria, Sept 2013. 8th ICCD would be organised by Dr Hilton Chaves, Aug.13-15,2015.The 9th ICCD would be organised by Dr Galal Elkilany at Dubai, April 7-9,2017.The 10th ICCD has been proposed to be organised by Dr Jan Fedacko in Slovakia
We have the final venue and organiser for the 10th ICCD, at Kosice, Slovakia, March 15-17,2020; and for 11th ICCD in 2022, at Alexandria, Egypt, Oct 21-23,2022.


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